October 25, 2016
Julio Jones Stats are Second to None

Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons will have their hands full at home, facing the Green Bay Packers Sunday. When head coach Mike McCarthy was asked about the offensive showcase Atlanta’s star receiver has put on so far, McCarthy had one word to describe it. “Outrageous.”

Outrageous is about as good a word as any to explain the superhuman performance has put on through the first seven games of 2016. On just 40 receptions – keep that number in mind, because it makes the rest that much more incredible – Julio Jones leads the NFL with 830 yards.

McCarthy went on, complimenting Jones on every aspect of the game:

“He has the whole package. He can beat you deep, he can beat you on the back-shoulder throw, he goes up and high-points the football. He gets out of breaks on crossing routes. Everybody wants to talk about the talent, but he’s an accomplished route-runner.”

McCarthy’s high praise is well deserved. 830 yards through seven games averages out to a staggering 118.6 ypg, putting Jones on pace for 1,897 yards for the season. This would break his personal best from last year when he led the league with 1,871 receiving yards.

Jones has already recorded four 100+ yard games, including a career high 300-yard performance, making him just the sixth receiver in NFL history to hit 300 in a single game.

The stats don’t end there. Jones leads the league with 16 catches for 20+ yards. That translates to his 20.8 yards per reception, third only to Rob Gronkowski and Sammie Coates, who both have inflated numbers, as they’ve only made 17 and 20 catches on the season.

Though there are a number of other top-ten statistics attached to Jones names, it’s two numbers that are arguably the most important. Jones has turned those 830 yards into 32 first downs – the second highest in the NFL. Best of all, Julio Jones has yet to fumble the ball for a turnover, proving that he’s as reliable of a playmaker as he is spectacular.








Brian Parchmann